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Best treasure hunt games

best treasure hunt games

For this list, we'll be solely focusing on those that hunt for treasure, however we will not be covering pirates. Below is my Top 10 list of games covering the search for lost treasure, gold, jewels, gems, artifacts, rare plant/animals or anything of value. Would there really be treasure hunting games without Pitfall? Probably, but many of them certainly owe a debt to Pitfall Harry for getting the ball. best treasure hunt games


10 Best Hidden Treasures in Games That Leave You Searching Forever Talk to suspicious characters and enter unexpected doorways to solve this murder-mystery-slash-treasure-hunt, which will have you scrambling through the streets of London. Season 1 Odin's Ravens second edition This War of Mine: I hope he has lots of fun! It hasn't been found yet, but Valentin said that people have come goldstrand erfahrung close. Isla Dorada [Average Rating:


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